Finally there is a painting technique that even a beginner
can master in a short time.  This technique produces such
beautiful results that even the seasoned painter will want to
learn how to paint using the
One Stroke method.

Donna Dewberry,
the creator of the
One Stroke method, has discovered a
way to create beautiful shading and highlighting with just
one stroke of the brush.  The proper "double and triple
loading" of paints onto the paintbrush allows beautiful
color combinations without any additional blending.  

To share her method with others,
Donna Dewberry has established an educational program
for the training and development of
One Stroke Certified Instructors (OSCI)
who can then teach her technique to others.

As an
OSCI, my goal is to not only teach this technique,
but to do it in a fun and relaxing manner.

Designs By ELF,
I want to show you just how quickly and easily you can
begin expressing yourself creatively.
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